AFCDealer Cross Platform App

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App Description is a premier provider of financial services for independent dealers. AFCDealer engaged Perficient to redesign their entire online portal. The challenge was to quickly leverage the existing portal site to enable mobile apps targeting multiple device platforms such as Android and iPhone, while maximizing code and existing functionality reuse. The app required additional features such as VIN Barcode scanning and Photo Uploading from device.

Technical Approach

I architected an efficient and cost-effective solution leveraging PhoneGap technology for both Android and iPhone platform resulting in maximum reuse of existing portal functionality. We created custom PhoneGap plugins for enabling Vehicle VIN Barcode functionality while leveraging existing plugins for the Photo Uploading capabilities.

Main Architectural Highlights

Code Reuse

Essentially the mobile apps became a presentation facade leveraging the same portal code driving the main site. The UI required minor tweaks for mobile presentation and PhoneGap enabled code reuse between Android and iPhone apps.

Javascript/HTML driven app

Using PhoneGap, the essential functionality and navigation were done using common Javascript and HTML. The device specific functions such as Barcode scanner were implemented using native code and exposed as PhoneGap plugins for Android and iPhone.

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