ccMixter Free Music App

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App Description

This app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times around the world and has produced more than 2 million song plays. An open source music player. Allows you to stream and download free creative music content that is license and royalty free. The app lets you search for music or browse different categories of music hosted on site. It interacts with the music repository real time to let you listen to some great free music. You can also share music via Facebook, Twitter and Email. I was the sole developer on this app.

Technologies Used

The app uses advanced user interface animations and rendering to provide an exceptional user experience. The app uses Json data to communicate with the backend and local storage to manage song repository. All requests are asynchronous and utilize Network Queues to make the experience seamless. The app interfaces with Facebook and Twitter via their native APIs.

Frameworks Used

1. Cocoa Touch UI libraries

2. ASIHttpRequest framework

3. Google Analytic Network framework

4. MPMoviePlayer framework

5. Facebook API

6. Twitter API

7. Appirater framework for in-app rating

8. JSONKit framework for data interchange

9. TestFlight framework for assisting with app beta testing/crash reporting/feedback etc.