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App Description

Denver Public Library iPhone App was a native Objective-C application designed to provide the library patron control over their account, view and renew checked out items, see their existing and potential fines. The app had built in alarms for overdue items and holds ready to be picked up.

Technical Background:

This version of the app was written in iOS framework for iPhone/iTouch devices to interface with Denver Public Library backend systems via a REST API. The library used a system called AquaBrowser to interface with the backend accounts database. The iPhone App interfaced with this API in realtime to provide up to date account information and also allowed patrons to manage their Hold and Renewal items. I was the sole developer of this app.

Frameworks used:

1. Cocoa Touch UI for user interface

2. Open source ASIHttpRequest framework for REST API networking

3. Open source SBJSON framework for data interchange with the Server via JSON.