Enterprise Development Technologies

  • Single page web application architecture and design
  • KnockoutJS, ASP.Net MVC, and SQL Server database design
  • Experience with database design in Oracle, and MySQL
  • Comfortable with JavaScript and Google App Script
  • Done some scripting in Python and Ruby
  • Created RESTful apis using Groovy on Grails (
  • C# (led various technical teams building enterprise applications in .Net technologies using C#)
  • Visual Basic (built enterprise applications as well as taught
  • Cobol, IEF, PL/I (mainframe technologies. participated in various projects involving mainframe environments)
  • Unix, Linux (comfortable in unix and linux environments, deployments, monitoring, diagnosis and performance tuning applications)
  • Siebel (multiple global ticketing and CRM projects utilizing Siebel with enterprise service bus integrating business channels)
  • Data warehouse (participated in a huge enterprise data warehouse project with multiple business system integrations, ETL jobs and analysis)

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