High Country News iPad App

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High Country News iPhone/iPad App: This is a news reader application for the local Colorado non-profit publication called High Country News. This magazine deals with issues related to living in the west country. The app allows the user to browse and read magazine issues and various features. It leveraged the already existing server side framework to display and render most of the content. I was involved with this effort as part of a two-member team.

Technical Background: The app uses a customized RSS feed from the hcn.org content management system (python based Plone framework). The app parses the XML data to render the text and images via the Cocoa touch framework.

Frameworks used:

1. Cocoa Touch UI for user interface

2. Open source ASIHttpRequest framework for REST API networking

3. Open source SBJSON framework for data interchange with the Server via JSON.

4. TouchXML for xml data