MetroCast – Targeted Push Notifications for MetroState University



MetroBroadcast is an iOS Universal App with the objective of being able to send a broadcast notification to all MetroState Mobile App users.

The code is written in Objective-C.

The app asks the user to authenticate using their Metro ID first.

To authenticate, the App does a REST url request to the metro mobileserver security server. Upon successful authentication, the app checks if the user belongs to the “announcement” group. If the user does not have this group, an exception message is displayed.

Upon passing the authentication and authorization checks, the app displays the notification authoring screen.

The current limit set in the app for notification message characters is 256.

The user can enter the app and hit “Broadcast This” to send the message.

The app then does a REST url request to the notification URL.


iOS Frameworks Used

– ASIHttpRequest framework for making RESTful URL requests []

– Reachability framework for checking presence of Internet connection []

– JSONKit framework for converting response into Objective-C dictionary []

– Synthesize Singleton: This framework helps quickly created Singletons []

– MBProgressHUD: This framework helps quickly display and hide the Loading Activity Indicators.  []