MetroState University of Denver

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App Description

Metropolitan State University is a Colorado state institution of higher education. The University wanted to provide key information and services to their students via a mobile platform. In particular Metro State University has a program called “First Year Success” which focuses on building a strong social community among first year attendees of the Metropolitan State University. The participants in this program are a key audience for the mobile application. Through a mobile application Metropolitan State University can reach their students with important information in a timely manner via a channel that is widely available in the student population.


I architected an efficient and cost-effective solution leveraging RhoMobile technology for both Android and iPhone platform resulting in maximum device portability. The effort included architecting web services exposing key MetroState services.

Main Architectural Highlights

Code Reuse

RhoMobile allowed creating apps using single code- base in Ruby on Rails environment. The user interface became more of a presentation layer leveraging web services heavily.

HTML5 based app

Using RhoMobile, the essential functionality and navigation were done using common RoR, Javascript and HTML. Additional native functions are planned to built in the native frameworks.

App QA and
I assisted the client with setup of QA processes for testing of the mobile apps and rapid deployment onto devices using continuous integration practices in a mobility environment.

I also assisted the client with app submission to the multiple App Stores and App Markets.