TrackVia Mobile Platform


TrackVia platform allows businesses to quickly configure mobile workflows for their field workforce, quality inspection teams, inventory management and other process management workflows.

As the founding developer and chief architect of the mobile platform for about three years, I guided the product’s vision and execution. I grew the mobile product and engineering teams, brought the iOS and Android experience in harmony, worked with web and api teams to continuously deliver customer focused innovation.

The platform provides a server driven user experience to the mobile devices and included workflows as well as reporting features tailored to the phone and tablet form factors.

After leading the engineering teams, I continued the product emphasis and was the driving force behind Offline functionality, geotagging, optimized workflows, incorporation of barcode scanning for agility of workflows. I authored “Mobile Interface Guidelines and Style Guide” to aid the unification of the Android and iOS user experiences.

I also authored “Metrics that Matter for Mobile” to guide the identification and tracking of key engagement metrics.